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This is an area that we want to fill up with feedback from You.  E-mail us with what Diatomaceous Earth has done for you,
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Here are a few that I have found on the internet and several that I have been given 1st hand:

A "miracle" in my life

I have to tell you that Diatomaceous Earth is a 'miracle' in my life. For the past 5 years or so, my whole right side has been in pain. The last few weeks, the pain was excruciating. I had never contemplated hip replacement surgery, but the pain was so bad I would have had to do something if the DE had not started relieving the pain. I walked with a complete limp on the right side and could not bend down nor lift my right leg up to put on a shoe. After only 7 days, my husband and family can not believe what DE has done for me. Looking forward to continued healing the next several weeks.


No more pain!
Just wanted to say what a great product. I own a trucking business and had severe shoulder pain due to the nature of flat bed work that I do. Couldnt sleep at night and no mobility. DE gave me more energy, no pain, and finally restful nights. I have sent ziploc baggies to friends and family so they can experience my success !

Thanks Kathleen

It Works!
In the process of placing my second order, I wanted to send an email regarding how Diatomaceous Earth worked for me. I am no longer awakened in the middle of the night with hip pain, but the first thing my husband and I noticed was not being tired all the time. Having energy throughout the day, and not crashing midafternoon equals more projects, activities etc accomplished at the end of the day. We have shared this product with some friends. One of our friends is a painter by trade. He has (had) arthritic pain in his pinky finger which he could not bend to touch his palm without excrutiating pain, making it hard to work . After taking DE for about 11/2 weeks-he can now bend it with much, much less pain. Another friend who is balding on top, went to his barber. As the barber was giving him his usual flattop haircut he asked him what he's been doing becau se his hair was growing! Needless to say our friend is very excited about this product, which is why I am about to order 50lbs. One more thing. Carpenter Ants DO NOT like this stuff. I sprinkled it around the foundation of my home and have not seen an ant anywhere!! Thank you for offering this product and for keeping it so very affordable!!

M. Novinsky - L.I., NY

Diatomaceous Earth immediately started to change my life and after three weeks I was starting to be amazed. It has stopped my addictive eating habits and is making eating to be much more satisfying. My food bill immediately went down because I'm not constantly craving food. I actually came out of other addictions of self destructive difficulty and imprudence when I was in my 20?s and 30?s and by the grace of God I got through it without major illness. However, I've been plagued by chronic health problems for years which I?ve always connected to these past problems. A simple cold always lasting 3-4 months, vocal and lung problems and constant food cravings. I?ve felt for a long time that I?ve been dealing with parasites but no doctor would entertain this. Since starting DE, I saw three times clumps of what looked like worms which I couldn't correlate to anything I had eaten that day so I may have visibly passed worms. But I didn?t have to see any worms to know that my digestive system and whole body is feeling so much better. I had felt I REALLY needed this stuff and ordered 50 lbs. on first order and started right off doing it 3 times, sometimes 2 times daily, between meals - not with meals. Shake with ice and a tiny bit of honey and it?s actually a nice drink, but now I skip the honey and just drink it down. I love this stuff. It?s so settling and soothing to my whole system, but yet it gives me energy. I'm at week 7 and I don't think I'm finished with the initial healing and feeling better from it and am going to be very regular with a higher end dose for over three months. Very excited.

Thank you, James.

Helps Aches and Pains
I have been using DE for 2 years now. I'd say about 8 years ago I noticed my left hip would ache while I slept. I would avoid laying on it to prevent that. My knees always creeked when I bent down for my entire life. I have neither of these things now after taking DE. I also started experienceing like all the blood was flowing to my head when I would bend down to work. A throbing feeling. That is completely gone also. Also used this on all my garden veggies---No Bugs--and I live in Missouri!! Trying it on our pets now---giving up Frontline. There are more stories from me and friends-will report later. Roxanna

I want to thank you for selling such an excellent product. I have been using fossil shell flour for at least 6 months and have noticed a tremendous change in my health. I am an athletic person and go to the gym 5 days per week in addition to my daily cardio routine. I am 56 and haven't felt this good in 5 years. I have arthritis in my shoulders, hands and feet. I no longer feel pain in any of those joints when I weight lift. I seem to have more energy during the day which has enabled me to extend my workout time. I've also noticed my hair and nails growing faster and fatty nodules have disappeared. This product works for me and I am so grateful to the company.

Thank you!
Ralph in Florida

Amazing Earth
I just thought I would let you know how amazing your product is. I ordered this for one main reason and that was to kill bugs in the garden. I started taking two tablespoons once a day not thinking it would help a whole lot. You see I am a thirty year old male that works out and eats very healthy so I did not think it would do anything all that great for me. I was so wrong. After taking this for only three days I was shocked when I looked in the mirror and a small yellow bump that I have had in my left eye for over ten years was gone and the whites of my eyes were bright white no red at all. I showed my friends and family and they were just as shocked. They all thought I had it removed by a doctor. Not only that, I feel great as well. I will be telling everyone about this stuff.

Thank you Larry

Beyond Miraculous
I recently found out about fossil shell flour after a health-conscious friend gave me some to try. I am a 52 year old male with a history of severe allergies, sinus infections, tinnitus and ear fluid, digestive problems and low thyroid function. Once a strapping football player, wrestler and all-around athlete with no health problems, I was transformed into a sickly person after undergoing an extended course of antibiotics for what turned out to be an improperly completed root canal. From the age of 27 on I was plagued by frequent infections, colds, sore throats, "foggy" thinking and maldigestion of food. I had constant diarrhea and bowel problems lasting until very recently. Because of my sports training, I was taught at an early age to never give up, so over the years I have investigated EVERY alternative health solution to these problems - Lugol's Iodine, probiotics, colloidal silver, olive leaf, oxygen therapies, enzymes, oregano, Pau d'Arco, black walnut, cloves, wormwood. The list goes on and on. I have spent thousands of dollars, literally, in searching for a solution. Two weeks ago I began using Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and was flabbergasted when I noticed my sinuses clearing within three days. This has never happend before! There has been a noticeable reduction in my tinnitus, my ears have less fluid constantly trickling in them and the chronic bowel problems I was dealing with are actually disappearing. I have also noticed I feel relaxed and much calmer. There are no words to describe what DE is doing for me. It is beyond miraculous. Twenty-five years of nagging health problems that were annoying, psychologically challenging and causing me to lose hope for the future are all falling by the wayside. If this type of resolution to so many issues were to happen to you, how would you explain the liberating feeling of it all? I don't know how to articulate it. I mix DE in iced tea with stevia, it is delicious. I also add it to yogurt and oatmeal. It actually tastes very good! It adds a nice texture to anything to which I add it. Needless to say, I have ordered a supply of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth from you.


Threatened with new lumps and bumps
"Threatened with new lumps and bumps this past summer, always leery of fresh symptoms due to my on-going challenge of lymphoma, I decided to do a bit of experimentation with my own health with this innocuous substance. I took a tablespoon of DE with liquid (juice, smoothies, or water) about three times a week, and to my amazement the chickpea-sized lump that had arisen on top of my head completely disappeared. The silver dollar-sized lump on the side of my neck vanished. And whatever was impeding passage of colon contents was dramatically cleared. With or without research, moderate use of the FDA-approved anti-caking, food-grade substance proved to be a vital piece of my health puzzle."

 "I am writing this in hopes that someone will read this and be helped like I am. I tried diatomaceous earth, using about 3 heaping tablespoons in a cup of water, to appease my husband. He said it would be good for my hair. It doesn't taste bad, it actually is good. However a week later we were driving to the store; I looked down and noticed I had nails. I have bitten my nails since I can remember. I went out and bought polish. I could not believe how fast they were growing and the urge to bite them was no longer there. My hair was also thinning in front and it is now filled in. When my 25-year old sister was pregnant, she craved chalk. Her husband would actually go to the store and buy her chalk to eat. I gave her some of the diatomaceous earth and she loved it. She quit eating chalk and took the diatomaceous earth every day."

"I had cancer and a friend told me about a wonderful product called Food Grade Fossil Shell Flour Diatomaceous Earth. I started taking this product. Within a short time my cancer tumors began going away. I am now totally free of cancer and I feel great."

G.M., USA -

Testimony of Charlene Rowley, Lehi, Utah

I am Charlene Rowley, I am 60 years old and feeling great. I have been taking Diatomaceous Earth for almost three years. I started when I got arthritis in my right hand so bad my thumb went stiff and the pain went into my palm, fingers and started up my arm. My son gave me the Diatomaceous Earth to take he had heard it would take away arthritis and the pain. I didn't know what else to do. I knew my doctor would put me on painkillers and I don't like medication as a lifetime solution. So I started taking the Diatomaceous Earth. It gave me energy like I had not known for a long time. Within about two days the pain was gone and eight weeks later my thumb was back to normal use and has been ever since. I feel now if I would have known when I started what great results I would have gotten I would have taken two or three tablespoons a day, instead I only took one. My hand would have been useable much sooner than eight weeks.

While I was so worried about my stiff thumb I did not realize that it had taken away the inflammation in my stomach known as gastritis which my doctor told me I would have for the rest of my life if I didn't stop eating certain foods such as tomatoes, grapes, all citrus fruits, cabbage and all the foods in the cabbage family. Gastritis can be painful if you aren't careful how you eat. Oh, no fatty foods. I had many attacks. The first one because I didn't know what I had was very painful, the doctor almost put me in the hospital. Luckily for me the painkillers took away the pain. I got on his diet for me, but if I didn't watch carefully I did I did have some painful attacks. But miracles of miracles Diatomaceous Earth took away the inflammation for more than two years I have taken it, I can eat any of the above foods without any of the symptoms of gastritis. I had a painful pain in the left side of my (no other word but) buttocks for years if I overworked I was put right down in bed for a day because it hurt to walk. Everyone said I probably had a pinched nerve. I went to a chiropractor, he worked on it and I felt good but he said I would have to come back for more treatments. I never got back and the pain went on until I started taking the Diatomaceous Earth. I was so busy worrying about my thumb that it took my husband to discover after a hard working Cub Scout event we were involved in to notice I didn't mention the pain after cleaning up I was ready to go out to dinner. He was surprised, I am usually down on the bed in pain and can't move for the rest of the night. When he brought it to my attention I too was surprised. After that when I work hard I may only have tinge of pain, if that, it is wonderful.

My husband 64 has heart disease with high blood pressure, he takes high blood pressure pills which only made it fluctuate, never took it down. He started taking it, now when he tests his blood pressure it is down and stable. We are hoping when he goes in for his six-month check-up that he will take him off those pills. Also that they will find his bad cholesterol down which it too was soaring high after an operation a year ago in May. His energy has soared, he said he feels like a twenty year old. He used to be so sluggish when he worked. We eat well, we drink filtered water (spring water). This is a good food supplement. The best.

P.S. Don't ever stop selling this wonderful food source. It's like the "fountain of youth".

 An angel came into my life recently.

In September 2001, I went to Croatia. I experienced extreme sleepiness during and after my trip. I thought I had contracted a parasite, since I was drinking the water and later found out the water was not that clean.
It was the same sleepiness I had experienced on my trip to Russia and I figured I had contracted Giardia,
a parasite common in Russia.

When I came home I began an aggressive herbal de-worming program, which is the same program I offered my clients. This program consisted of taking cloves, black walnut, wormwood combination and a product balled Rascal. I stayed on this treatment faithfully for three full weeks and even did higher dosages than was recommended in the directions. I figured I was relieved of any critters hanging on to my intestines. Right?

WRONG! Two months later I went to a clinic and had live blood cell analysis to determine my condition. I was shocked to discover parasites in the blood. How could this be? I was following a program that was offered by some of the top parasatologists in the country.

An angel came into my life recently. She was a client doing my supervised fasting retreat I offer in my residence. Bonnie GAVE me a container of Diatomaceous Earth and said "try it for you and your dogs". What have I got to lose but a few wigglies, right? Hopefully! Guess what? After only 5 days of taking the recommended dose I passed a 5 inch creature determined by lab analysis to be a round worm. Not me!
Not beautiful, charming, squeaky clean diet Millan! Yes. I guess they are right when they say 90 to 95 percent of us have parasites and worms. You see, they are usually a-symptomatic, so you could have
them for years and never know it!

Kari-  Nebraska

No drugs--did it all naturally!!

I just got back from the Doctor and he could not believe how much my cholerterol had went down!!  No drugs--did it all naturally!!  The Doctor even wrote down Diatomaceous Earth so he could do some research on it.  My high blood pressure was also down.  I do not like to take any medication, so I was very excited about my "natural" results.  Also--for the 1st time in years I have fingernails!!!  I can't believe how fast and strong they are growing.  My complexion has also cleared up.  Never have had a really bad face,
but always a zit here and there---but now----smooth!!!   I also love the way it makes my teeth feel when
I dip my toothbrush in it.

Joyce-  Nebraska

Age spots have disapearedl
I have been taking a tablespoon of Perma-Guard every day for the last 3 weeks and I have noticed the 2 dime size age spots on the right side of my face have disapearedl

Pam-  Nebraska 

My headaches were GONE!!! 

A little over 4 years ago I was involved in a bad car accident.  My head hit the windshield and I was in the hospital for several days. Even after countless tests and "suggestions" the medical field has not been able to give me any relief to my daily headaches.  I had pretty much come to terms with the fact that this was something I would endure my whole life.  3 week ago I started taking Diatomaceous Earth.  After the 1st week, I noticed my headaches were GONE!!!  I don't know how it works---I don't even care---all I know is that I can go through the day now pain free.  I was so excited that I took some over to my ageing mom and had her start taking it.  I went back about a week later and the 1st thing she said to me was "listen to this"  she breathed in a deep breath from her nose and then let it out through her nose.  She was also very excited as she has had blocked sinus for years.  She also noticed that the skin sores by her bra line on her back were gone.  I then took some over to my daughter who has acne.  Her face is better now than it ever has been.  I am a believer in Diatomaceous Earth!!! 

Terry-  Nebraska

My hair is starting to grow back!!!
What I really notice is that the joints in my feet and knees do not hurt anymore---that is exciting---but what really has me amaized is that hair is starting to grow back on my bald spot!!!  This stuff is GREAT!!!

I am a believer!!! 

I am a natural skeptic about "cure all" products like this, but  was given a free jug of it if I would just try it.  I suffer from arthritis all over my body and figured I had nothing to lose.  After just 2 weeks of taking it every day, I am a believer!!!  Not only do my joints not hurt anymore, but they have even stopped popping every time I bend them.  I just generally feel better all over!!  My Cholesterol has went from close to 500 down to 160!!  I no longer take lipitor at all.  I have gotten several of my co-workers taking Diatomaceous Earth now and they all love it also!!

Leann-  Nebraska

Significant decrease in joint pain

...to date, in addition to enhanced "regularity", the most noticeable effect, since I've been taking the DE, is a significant decrease in joint and/or muscle/ligament pain in and around the joints, including areas where I have arthritis.


DE improves the quality of skin.

I am a registered esthetician in Nebraska.  I have been amazed at how DE improves the quality of skin. Both my sister and I have noticed hom much better our complexions are since using DE.   I give out samples to all my clients to use as a cleanser---so far everyone really likes it!!

Anne- Nebraska

Blood pressure down

I have been taking DE for 3 weeks now.  I had my blood pressure checked today and was very pleasently suprised how far down it was.  I actually cannot remember the last time it was so low.  My brother has high blood pressure also,  I'll be sharing DE with him tomorrow!!


Severe headaches GONE!!! 

I've been taking DE for 4 weeks now and one of the things I have noticed is that it curbs my appetite.  I have lost over 20 lbs!!!  I also have my wife takeing DE and Her Blood Pressure and Cholesterol are both down.  She also has severe headaches and has not had even one since DE.  I am a smoker and have noticed I do not cough as much.  I am convinced!!

 Russ-South Dakota

No Pain!!  Thanks DE!!

My arthritis in my back had gotten so bad, that when I got on the floor, I had to crawl over to a chair to pull myself back up.  After 6 weeks of DE, I noticed I was feeling better, but was I pleasently suprised the other day when I was on the floor playing with my grandchild.  He darted away and without realizing it, I jumped up and started chasing Him!!  No Pain!!  Thanks DE!!

Mrs Acklie--Nebraska

Great stuff amazing!

Great stuff for my diverticulitus, amazing! I've used it on animals for 15 years
and eliminated tens of thousands of dollars in wormers, antibiotics, pesticide,
I finally used it on my long sick gut and cleared up my own problems!
The GREAT State Of Texas    ....    Rev. j.

Now I can throw a rock again without any pain. (-: 


I just want to say that I had my bursitis in my shoulder acting up again, (I could not even throw a rock) after about fifteen years of getting a cortizone shot in my shoulder. I read about  the Human Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth and started taking it. I just thought with the price being so reasonable for a 1 months supply what do I have to lose.  After taking the DE for about 4 weeks Now I can throw a rock again without any pain. (-: 

Mark in SC.

I can say this stuff WORKS!!! ....

Ist of all, my cholesterol is down---in fact, I cut my lipitor in half!!  I introduced DE to my Sister and she
loves it!!  She says she just feels better!  Last week She got the surprise of Her life.  She has
osteoporosis and gets her bone mass checked every few months.  When she went in last week, 
her bone mass had actually increased!!  She also noticed that all the age spots on her arm had
disappeared.So if you have any type of Arthritis problems(or problems mentioned on the website) I can say this stuff WORKS!!! ....



Hi ... Stopped by because my friend Mark...that sells this DE here locally had me try it,I told Mark I was getting leg cramps at night.he said he had the same thing happening but not anymore since being on the DE ... I tried some....and HAAAAAALAYLOOOOOYA!!!!! no more leg cramps at night....I am sleeping
better too!

Rusty -- S.C.

I live on a farm and have to feed calves with a bottle.  The arthritis in my hands had gotten so bad, that after feeding 3 calves, my hands hurt so bad I would literally cry!!  After only 1 month of DE, I could feed all 7 or 8 calves without any pain!!

Mrs. Jensen-Nebraska

Hello Mark,
I have using DE for over 6 months and cannot begin to say how wonderful it is...I started taking it for my internal digestion problems that have completely gone away as well as the aches in my hands from my arthritis.  I have given away DE to friends and coworkers who have also notice a great difference in their lives by taking it, including one of my female coworkers who is finally getting her thin hair to grow in...she loves it, just as I do.
Thank you for supplying such a wonderful product.

Tonda - Washington

Thank God for DE!

In 1991 I fell down a set of 3 icy steps and suffered an herniated disc in my back...In 1993 it ruptured.causing lots pain for years. In August of 2006 I started consuming "DE" and had very little to no pain at all within a few months of starting on it. I am now realizing no more touch and go days of pain...My back feels strong again!
Then @ age 55 in May 2007 I had fallen down a flight of 15 stairs with no damage done to my back,disc's,or any other bones ... just some scrapes and bruises....Thank you God for "DE"....Amen!

Cyndi - SC

Hi Mark....I seem to have a little more focus and energy since I started taking it.
Well, I just got my 1 lb. package yesterday and am so glad I ordered it.  I feel a little better already after taking it twice today.  Maybe that is just my imagination, but maybe not.You can certainly post any testimonial I send you.  I am sure I will have even better ones in the weeks ahead.  To think that my cholesterol and blood pressure will improve also is such a wonderful thing. I seem to have a little more focus and energy since I started taking it.  It is almost too good to be true to say it is due to the DE, but I will know more as time goes on. We will have this wonderful product as a staple in our home from now on
Paul - CA 



-saltpappy - PA

I feel like I did 30 years ago.

My name is Kitty Downs  I originally purchased DE to use on the dogs and the cat for flea prevention so they didn't have to have poison squirted on their shoulders monthly.  I sprinkled it on their bodies, bedding, and their favorite areas of the yard--we have never seen a flea again.  Then I read about the other uses of DE and decided to give it to the dogs and the cat daily for the prevention of worms.  When they go to the vet, they  test negative for worms.  Also I noticed the flies were not swarming around their excrement when I went out to scoop the poop.
Upon further investigation of DE, I read where some people had been using it to help aches and pains.  I had back surgery for 4 herniated discs a few years back and have lived my life since then on muscle relaxers and strong pain pills daily.  After using 2 heaping teaspoons in my coffee each morning for the last 2 years, I am proud to say that I haven't taken a pain pilll since.  When I wake up, I don't have that stiff tight feeling in my body anymore.  My skin looks healthier, my hair looks even thicker than it was and people have asked me if I had work done on my face because I seem younger.  No I haven't, but I feel like I did 30 years ago.  I even attempted to do a cartwheel and a round off to show off for my nieces and nephew and they were amazed that it was so perfect!!!!
I was not offered money for my testimonial nor do I work for any distributor of DE.  I just want everyone out there to know what a miracle powder it is and I promote it's benefits to anyone who will listen.  When the guy at work told me about it, I thought he was a weirdo and held off for a year investigating it and now wish I'd done it immediately.
I am 52 years old and won first place in my age group in a 5K hilly run here in Birmingham and I can contribute the majority of that energy to Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade.

Kitty - Hoover, Alabama. 

I tell everyone I know about DE.

Yes Mark, of course add my testimonial.  I tell everyone I know about DE.  I left out this story with our almost 17 year old chihuahua/terrier mix.  Two years ago, she was looking pretty rough, losing her hair and her muscle tone and wobbling when she walked and was full of arthritis.  We were even considering putting her down.  But about that time is when I found out about the DE and started giving her 2 teaspoons a day, on the 15th of this month, she will turn 17 and has her hair back, moves around a whole lot better; she could go at anytime and we know that due to her age, but thanks to DE, we've had another wonderful 2 years with her.  By all means add my comments, I want the whole world to know what a wonderful miracle worker DE can be.
Oh and thanks for the Bonus
Kitty Downs -  Hoover, Alabama.
A huge difference in strength with no training. 
 I believe in its powers... Do you?

I am writing to you to provide a personal testimonial regarding diatomaceous earth.

When I first started taking diatomaceous earth a month ago, it was more for its purpose behind the cleansing properties of the colon more than anything. I'm 27,  but there's never too early a start for getting a nice dose of silica, the element which I was unknowingly deficient in for at least my whole life.

Well, several things all at once have happened. I take my diatomaceous earth every day with my single cup of coffee -- just one grandiose tablespoon. The first day I noticed a change in my, shall I say, evacuation schedule -- it practically normalized itself the first day. I noticed my hair and nails growing faster than I could ever have predicted. Rather than shaving once a week, I have to shave almost 3 times a week, and that's something that I have never experienced before.

And my energy has just about gone through the roof, almost to the point of where my ADHD used to be -- except without the inattentiveness associated with ADHD.

But I have experienced some practically unreported benefits and this may actually be the biggest benefit of all that I have experienced. Yes, it is known that diatomaceous earth helps with muscular weakness, but to this degree is unheard of (and I swear by all that can be named that I am telling you the truth).

I have a collection of hand grippers from several name brands (Captains of Crush is the most popular) and I have one that 80% of the population cannot close. It took me a month to close it because its required effort is equal to 280 inch-pounds. I struggled for a month a couple of years ago to close it, and I even have it documented n YouTube (but that's unofficial).

Yesterday, after not even touching them since then, I picked them up at random and came within 2 millimeters of closing it. That is strength gain at rest! Just so you can understand, here's probably the most simplified way for me to explain this: joules are a measurement of mechanical work (an example is how much energy it takes to lift a jug of milk). An inch-pound is mechanical work per inch. So, 280 inch-pounds is quite a lot of work, and a great number of people cannot complete this action. Last time I performed this, it took me around a month to work on. It might now take as little as 2 days. That is a huge difference in strength with no training.

Just to sort of clear things up, though -- I don't typically work out very much because of a back injury in the Navy, so my exercise options are limited. Hand strength doesn't affect my lower back, so I can at least do this exercise. If I gained strength with no work... Then what did the diatomaceous earth do to my body? And how did my strength increase without actually strength training? I know that this is an atypical testimonial, but for what it's worth, it works for muscular weakness -- and this should attest to its already laundry list of health boosts to those who have actually experienced muscle weakness due to a serious condition. I believe in its powers... Do you?

Brandon Souza

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